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“The only label in Bosnia-Herzegovina which illustrates and documents current Bosnian musical works (…) They produce high-quality original music from the region.”
(Jazzthetik /Marcus Maida/, Germany, March 2007)


"Certainly the most professional and of top quality label in Bosnia-Herzegovina at the moment."
(Reporter, BiH, 14 March 2007)


"Inovative and authentic."
(Slobodna Bosna, BiH, 21.9.2006)


“A record label that has contributed to the development of Bosnian music scene.”
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 14.1.2006)


"From its beginnings a young Bosnian record label, Gramofon, has set itself on releasing music with authentic author’s signature, accentuating artistic creations which at the same time propagate modern, urban, and authentic image of their motherland.
(Vijesti, Podgorica, SiCG, January 2005.)


"Leading label in Bosnia-Herzegovina."
(Urban Bug, BiH, December 2004)


"…an excellent label…"
(Start, BiH, 20.4.2004)


"Gramofon editions are a real hit"
(Oslobođenje, BiH, 1.3.2004)


"Enterprising and efficient record company"
(Slobodna Bosna, 23.6.2005)

"An album like the one Božo released, definately belongs to a circle of special records that will, if not immediately then with some time lag, be recognized by influential media as a musical revolution."
( / jura, Croatia, 24 August 2015)

"Božo Vrećo wins hearts (…) with his crystal clear voice."
(The New York Times, 10. april 2015.)

“Vrećo managed to write a song entirely in the spirit of sevdah with a theme and interpretation that draws a tear in the eye whereas it is absolutely impossible to listen to it only once.”
( / Emir Fulurija, Croatia, 03 February 2015.)

„...amazing, innovative, brilliant“
Radio Sarajevo, BiH, 02 February 2015)

„Der Sevdah in B&H hat einen neuen Star"
(Der Standard, Austria, 01 January 2015)

"The Bosnian band plays sevdah through an exceptional knowledge of tradition and jazz."
(fRoots, United Kingdom, February 2016, issu no. 392)

“Halka’s biggest attribute lies in the fact that they play in a certain way that is just enough for each song without trying to impose too much ‘music’ where more than enough music is already present.”
(Front Slobode / Alen Haman, BiH, 20 March 2015)

"Masterful Halka"
(Daily News, Crna Gora, 03. March 2015)

„New European musical phenomenon“
(Delo, Slovenia, 18 February 2015)

„Regional sevdah sensation“
(Večenji List, Hrvatska, 29 January 2015)

„Halka mastered what is most difficult in music - to achieve originality of their sound and with that their perceptibility.“
( / Dragutin Matošević, BiH, 29 January 2015)

"Zoster opened a new perspective, one that probably exactly dissects the environment we live in."
( / Matej Devčić, Croatia, 27 May 2015)

“Srce uzavrelo” is a true master piece because it consists of so many layers and motives which make space for interpretation, so that every listening has something new to it.”
( / Andrea Kane, Serbia, 10 April 2015)

“Srce uzavrelo” puts lyrics in the foreground more than any other album so far… Zoster is doing everything in accordance with their inner self, confidently and decisively. That approach, backed up by phenomenal poetical talent and a feeling for addictive melodies can only result in true quality, which is rare and wanted in time we live in.”
( / Nenad Pekez, Serbia, 02 Mrch 2015)

"The album radiates serenity and a hint of melancholy that, opposed to what is expected, leads to positive emotions despite the lyrics deep meaning."
(, Serbia, 12 January 2012)

"The album Imači kada is their most mature material so far."
(, BiH, 08 January 2012)

"It seems that in past few years these guys from Mostar went through a real catharsis that did not only reflect on their lyrics but also on their musical expression."
(, BiH, 15 January 2012)

"Imači kada is a mature album."
(Večernji list, BiH, 15 January 2012)

"For those few who are not familiar with Validna Legitimacija, it needs to be emphasized that the music they use is a dinamic combination of various genres and influences while the topic of their interest is everything - from local phenomena to global trends.", BiH, 2011)

"The album has a contemporary artistic vision that transforms a beautiful traditional form."
(The Evening Standard, Great Britain, ****)

"The music more than lived up to expectations. If the mood is, by and large, pensive and restrained, Kljuco’s resourceful playing creates extraordinarily subtle backdrops. Amira’s voice, stripped of all artifice, remains an instrument of rare purity."
(The Times, Great Britain, ****)

‘’Angelic, simply angelic.”
(The Sunday Times, Velika Britanija)

"Suicidal melancholy has rarely sounded as pretty…"
(The Daily Telegraph, Great Britain, ****)

"A brave and powerful record."
(Songlines, Great Britain, 2010)

"Zumra is in the ballpark for one of this year’s best."
(fRoots, Great Britain, 2010)

The Sunday Times of London named Zumra one of the top 10 world music albums of 2010.
(The Sunday Times, Great Britain, 2011)

In an effort to reveal what they consider has been lost through repetition over the years, these interpretations put a radical new spin on well-known pieces.
(BBC, Great Britain, 2010)

"Guitar player of impressive skills."
(Jazzthetik /Marcus Maida/, Germany, March 2007)

"The repertoire he performs surpasses by far the expected scope of a concert repertoire of a high school music student (…) The music potential of this young soloist is extraordinary. He has doors to serious music career wide open.”
(Dnevnik, Srbia, October 2006)

"Behind the cheerful rhythms a volcanic energy of suppressed rage and rebellion is hidden caused by concrete events of our reality and told without being entrapped by cheap pathos and moralising (…) A band conscious of what they are playing about, what they want to convey, and most importantly they know how to convey it."
(Reporter, BiH, 14 March 2007)

"You will have fun listening to this band. They play at the international level and create great atmosphere at their concerts."
(Jazzthetik /Marcus Maida/, Germany, March 2007)

* * * *
(Zlatko Gall, Slobodna Dalmacija, 22.2.2007)

"…well tuned and extremely gifted band (…) ‘Festival budala’ is an excellent piece of music."
(Slobodna Bosna, 18 January 2007)

* * * * *
(Dani, 26 January 2007)

"Mario Knezović is one of the most interesting songwriters in this region. Although it seams that he’s writing in a completely relaxed manner, smilingly and ironically through fun and game, Mario makes remarkable images, analyses and critiques (…) The point is: An excellent album!"
(Start, 6 February 2007)

"A very successful combination of hip-hop, dub and Bosnian ethno-groove elements."
(Jazzthetik /Marcus Maida/, Germany, March 2007)

“ A tremendous refreshment on a local music scene… A band with a precise concept…”
(Start, BiH, 13. June 2006)

According to magazine Slobodna Bosna, the album has been listed among the best releases in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2006.
(Slobodna Bosna, BiH, 28 December 2006)

According to the magazine Start the last year was one of the best years in history of Bosnian music and it brought forth ten excellent albums. Dubnamite is among Top 10 albums in 2006.
(Start, BiH, 26.12.2006)

"Beautiful music."
(Jazzthetik, Germany, March 2007)

“One of the most wanted, maybe even the most wanted jazz drummer in Europe.”
* * * * (Dani, BiH, 22 September 2006)

“A fierce album.”
(Start, BiH, 22 August 2006)

"Lighthouse of sobriety, precise and sharp critique (…) The message of Validna on their album is that the biggest mistake is to surrender to fatalism. It is in human nature to rebel and respond to a challenge. They are not doing it in a hard dogmatic manner, they are not howling slogans or call upon authorities."
(Kuhinja, BHT, June 2006)

According to magazine Slobodna Bosna, the album has been listed among the best releases in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2006.
(Slobodna Bosna, 28 December 2006)

According to the magazine Start the last year was one of the best years in history of Bosnian music and it brought forth ten excellent albums. Mesijanski sindrom is among Top 10 albums in 2006.
(Start, BiH, 26 December 2006)

“They talk about reality we live in in an unsparing manner.”
(Dani, BiH, 19 May 2006)

“Thanks to their music, which is an interesting symbiosis of different genres, urban uprising and socially engaged lyrics, their music-performing project is one of the most interesting and definitely the most mysterious project in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 15 April 2006)

According to magazine Slobodna Bosna, the album has been listed among the best releases in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2006.
(Slobodna Bosna, 28 December 2006)

According to the magazine Start the last year was one of the best years in history of Bosnian music and it brought forth ten excellent albums. 23/23 is among Top 10 albums in 2006.
(Start, BiH, 26.12.2006)

"…a mature and amusing album, one of the best releases of post-war Bosnian production."
(Start, 7 March 2006)

"Basheskia stands out as an excellent author, with clearly distinctive stylistic concept and (even) purity when it comes to music and lyrics, which are very important to him."
* * * * (Dani, BiH, 24 March 2006)

"It is nice to have a serious nominee for the album of the year in the first quarter of 2006. (…) An excellent album."
(Slobodna Bosna, BiH, 23 March 2006)

"Making a parody of different pop and rock clichés, he has developed his own form and called it 'pop naive'."
(Dnevni avaz, 1.3.2006)

The magazine Slobodna Bosna has placed 'My Music' among top five albums released in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005.
(Slobodna Bosna, 29.12.2005)

"A musical refreshment…an album we recommend that you have in your collection"
(Urban bug, October 2005)

"…My Music brings to us eleven imaginatively produced and well sang songs. Consistent with their interpretation of disco, never allowing the rhythm to carry our feet to the dance floor, they build up the orchestration to the glittering kitsch psychedelic…"
(Start, 6.9.2005)

"Video Policija by the band Zoster is the greatest hit in 2006"
(Slobodna Bosna, 28 December 2006)

“One of the best albums in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the last decade.”
(Slobodna Bosna, 9 March 2006)

"The lyrics deviate from show business standards, and often having ironical twist in them. Also, the 'political lyrics' avoid the clichés of show business rhymes and the trap of excessive use of slogans (…) a fine and promising debut."
(Slobodna Dalmacija, Split, Croatia, 2.2.2006)

The visitors of web portal have chosen 'Ojužilo' as the best album in 2005.
(, BiH, 20.1.2006)

* * * *
(, Croatia, 15.1.2006)

The music scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005 was marked by three albums according to magazine Dani. One of them is Ojužilo.
(Dani, 30.12.2005)

The magazine Slobodna Bosna has placed Ojužilo among top five albums released in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005.
(Slobodna Bosna, 29.12.2005)

"Cheerful, inventive, playful album that can be placed in any European region. It functions anywhere in the Old continent."
(Slobodna Bosna, BiH, 29.12.2005)

In the Starta magazine poll, the musicians and music experts selected 'Ojužilo' as one of the best albums in the country in 2005.
(Start, BiH, 27.12.2005.)

"In the fifty minutes of Ojužilo there is youthful wittiness, creativity and defiance together with, in alternation, funny and wrathful fight against prejudice, stupidity, and primitivism." "Band has a potential to become immortal."
(, Croatia, December 2005)

"The songwriter Mario Knezović has a rare talent to write lyrics which have a capacity to add to the quality of the complete musical performance… his lyrical miniatures have incredible easiness and clarity."
**** (, BiH, 13.10.2005)

"An excellent album to be taken with respect…"
(Urban Bug, BiH, September 2005)

"Lucid lyrics and reggae sound is a combination that makes Zoster a unique musical phenomenon in Bosnia and Herzegovina."
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 3.9.2005)

"The guys from Mostar are adopting reggae to their environment and are bringing to us a first summer album."
(Start, BiH, 23.8.2005)

"Political correctness, seemingly naive poetics and in-your-face wittiness are the attributes that adorn Zoster's lyrics… Zoster demonstrates maturity that is rarely expected from a debut."
(Dani, BiH, 19.8.2005)

"Excellent announcement of new album."
(Dani, 17.6.2005)

Dani magazine voted Minority the best band in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2005.
(Dani, 30.12.2005)

"The members of the band, except being brilliant instrumentalists, turned out to be excellent composers, too."
* * * * (Dani, 15.7.2005)

"Since their beginning they have been a leading ensemble of new music in Bosnia-Herzegovina."
(Jazzthetik /Marcus Maida/, Germany, March 2007)

"Marimanga Trio & Bojan Zulfikarpašić can count on warm reception by broad audience."
(Start, 22.2.2005)

"Piano 'doctor' Bojan Zulfikarpasic gave the album a certain depth making Marimanga Trio a significant musical accomplishment in the region." "Love towards jazz, and awe at their own culture and tradition has resulted in a drinkable and soft blend (…) We can be very pleased, even proud, of their work."
* * * * (Dani, 27.1.2005)

"A film worth seeing."
(Jazzthetik, Germany, March 2007)

"The best live band in Bosnia and Herzegovina today"
(Urban bug, September 2005)

"A wholly personal style, pleasant to consume."
(Vijesti, Podgorica, SiCG, January 2005)

"The unbelievable energy they pass on to the audience, their excellent playing, precise performance, sovereign control of the stage..."
(Start, January 2005)

"An excellent mini LP…"
(Dani, 3 March 2006)

"Original ideas... remarkably fresh and intriguing..."
(Vijesti, Podgorica, SiCG, January 2005)

"Excellent soundscape. Modern, innovative, interesting, fresh..."
(Urban Bug, December 2004)

"In the bog of showbiz muck, 'Postcard' glitters like a pure jewel."
(Start, 30.11.2004)

"Postcard From Sunny Neighbourhood is a release which raises production criteria."
(Dani, BiH, 26.11.2004)

"Bosnian electro-pop."
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 22.11.2004)

"A new talent on the local music scene."
(Dani, BiH, 19.11.2004)

"One gets the impression that this is an author of special quality, whose future work will be especially interesting because Basheskia offers exciting rhythms that are easy to remember and that stick to one’s mind."
(Jutarnje novine, BiH, 18.11.2004)

"An excellent debut album."
(Vijesti, Podgorica, SiCG, January 2005)

"An album which has significantly broadened the notion of underground in the region."
(Start, BiH, January 2005)

"Dubioza Kolektiv is currently one of the most interesting groups on BH music scene!"
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 18.8.2004.)

"...peculiarity of this release is above average." "Not too pompous, but with the right measure that shapes contemporary sound. Eclectic."
* * * * (Mladina, Slovenia, 31.5.2004)

"The album which, in every way, corresponds to what is going on in the world. Fresh, smart, full of energy (…) definitely the best album that has recently been released." "The album that doesn’t underestimate its audience."
(Dani, BiH, 20.5.2004)

"After hearing their debut album, it can be said that Dubioza kolektiv is the freshest and the most original band of all that emerged on after-war B&H musical scene."
(Start, BiH, 20.4.2004)

"CD is conceived as an album - alarm clock, with explicit social and proletarian (but not political) lyrics …. and a dose of irony and self-irony with the sting pointed at the ruling oligarchy in the home country".
(Vijesti, Podgorica, SCG, 1.4.2004)

"...real refreshment to music scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina."
(Slobodna Bosna, BiH, 1.4.2004)

"One of the better albums released in this country."
(, BiH, 12.3.2004)

"Her singing is clear and clean and the songs posses depth and complexity undreamt of."
(Jazzthetik /Marcus Maida/, Germany, March 2007)

“Emina Zečaj is famous for her interpretation accompanied by saz not only in the region but throughout Europe.”
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 7 October 2006)

"...a brilliant album by diva of sevdah "
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 11 March 2006)

"...the best audio recording in Bosnian discography"
(, BiH, 3.12.2004.)

"...excellent disc that can satisfy western standards, and the content engraved on discs is of the same quality."
(Start, BiH, 2.12.2004)

"You will be astonished what one voice and one saz can do."
(Feral Tribune, Croatia, 20.2.2004)

" icon of Bosnian traditional music..."
(, 14.2.2004)

"Diva of Bosnian sevdah..." "The sevdalinka is as boring as the life itself or even more, the sevdalinka predicts boredom of nothingness of death. To enjoy life means to enjoy its pointless monotony and lack of big stories, pyrotechnics, special effects and other instruments of a spectacle."
(Slobodna Dalmacija, Croatia, 1.2.2004)

"Emina Zečaj is the best living interpreter of the sevdalinka."
(Slobodna Bosna, BiH, 20.12.2003.)

"This CD is a representative piece (maybe the most representative since the war time to the present day), an album we recommend for your collection."
(Dani, BiH, 11.12.2003)

"Each performance of the duet is a unique experience…"
(Dnevni avaz, BiH, 20.11.2003)

"Lukovac signed the work subliming Bosnian essence and world form"
(Urban Bug, November 2003)

"An unbelievable arrangement of sounds in an unbelievable track (Hazurila) of which any world acclaimed musician would not shy away from."
(Monitor, SiCG, July 2004)

"...a magnificent composer, excellent seeker of lost pieces of etno heritage, maestral mixer of traditional and electronic sounds".
(Vijesti, Podgorica, SiCG, July 2004)

"Adi Lukovac - the pioneer of Bosnian ethno-electro fusion..."
(, 27.9.2003)